We will organise, sort & save you money. We would all like the time to keep up with organising our households. This is where Life Organisers can help. We look into saving money on utility bills such as gas, electricity, mobile phones and broadband. We also love to clean up and organise your home. This means we can sort any cupboard out, any bedroom, any wardrobe and any area, including home offices. The name does what is says on the tin, we can organise any part of your home. 

Services We Offer


Due to being part of the domestic household sector, we can also take the stress away from finding the cheapest deals on your utilities. This is done through Utility Warehouse that we work closely with; we are able to beat any utility quote and save you some money. 

To also brighten the day we aim to replace the nations light bulbs for free, want to know more? Get in touch.

We also can organise any home office and specialise in the good old 'clean out' as you already know, we are an expert in the cleaning sector. Like our cleaning services, our prices are by the hour per person. Call or email us for a quote.

Some examples include inside cupboards in the kitchen, they are easy to forget about, until things fall out of them.

De-cluttering is our favourite.


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Kevin, 2019

'Katie organises and sorts out cupboards and rooms in a very practical and organised manner making the most efficient use of space and helping to de-clutter unwanted items. Very pleased with all results.'

Sandra, 2018

'We asked Katie for help to organise kitchen cupboards and re-arrange to make the work space flow effectively. This was done speedily and has been a good improvement. Also our attic and store rooms (formally our family bedrooms) were cleared and re-organised to great effect.'

Suzan, 2020

'Great help to clear spare room - making an awful job much easier.'